Three Years: Mikhail Prokhorov’s Hits

Mikhail Prokhorov

February 2012: The Russian Eminem

Soon-to-be former Nets minority owner Jay-Z has been the cultural face of the organization for a while, but he wasn’t the only rapping Nets owner. In the midst of a Russian Presidential campaign, Prokhorov joined a Russian TV show for a round table rap, which included Mikhail “Ill-Mitch” Prokhorov spitting the line, “I am real, Russian Eminem.” Unfortunately, in a  Details magazine later in the year Prokhorov said he would not join Jay-z  on the stage for the opening concerts at Barclays, saying performing with Jay might cause “irreparable damage” to the HOVA’s career.  Here are the lyrics from the group rap Mikhail participated in, with his lines in bold:

1-2, 1-2 (Yo, yo, yo my b(?))
1-2, 1-2, check this out (Yo, yo, yo my b(?))
Yo Jay-Z this rap is for you
Mr. Jay-Z this is the first presentation
Of real rap music from Russian Federation
Mr. Jay-Z I am not alone
Mikhail Prokhorov on the microphone
His name is Mikhail, he’s Russian businessman
I am real Russian Eminem
Mr. Jay-Z this is my friends
They got many dollars and Mercedes-Benz
We are superstar on TV in Russia
(Prokhorov says something in Russian)
We don’t speak English, we use iPad
Because our English is very bad
This is the tea, this is our table
This is our first channel label
This is the show projector Paris Hilton
London is the capital of Great Britain
(Couple bars in Russian, only Jay-Z stands out)
We don’t speak English, but we are not bad
Mikhail Prokhorov and my band

Don’t quit your day job, Mikhail.

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