Daily Link: ‘Melo Appreciation Night in Newark?

You might have heard that some dude named Carmelo Anthony is arriving with the Denver Nuggets to play in Newark tonight. Given the rumors of about a month ago made it sound like Anthony would be in a Nets uniform by now, the Daily News’ Stefan Bondy as the all-important question to Nets fans: will you boo the “superstar” who allegedly spurred the team and Mikhail Prokhorov:

“(Anthony) played (Prokhorov) and the Nets like a fiddle and he danced around the meeting and kept denying it,” wrote Marciano. “So, yeah, I’d boo him.”


“If anything, he should get a huge ovation if any fan still wants him to come play for us. In my mind, there is absolutely no reason to boo him,” wrote Mike Squitieri, a former season ticket holder. “Despite what anyone thinks, he never said “No” to the Nets. He never said, “ONLY the Knicks.

I think the booing question boils down to who you believe was the villain in all of this. There were so many conflicting reports, but the two main storylines became Denver was asking for way too much from New Jersey, and Anthony was hesitating in signing an extension.

Meanwhile, speaking of trades and trade bait, Victor Nash at Whoop De Damn Doo asks whether or not fans dissatisfaction with Devin Harris is justified.