Mexico vs. Uruguay Basketbrawl

So maybe this was the deciding factor for the Nets when they were contemplating whether or not to let Eduardo Najera play?

You guys may have already seen this since it happened the 22nd (the Nets decided on Najera’s National Team fate the 24th), but if you haven’t this is wild stuff.  A ticky tack foul (one that wouldn’t even warrant a flagrant foul in the playoffs) lead to some jawing, which lead to some pushing, which lead to some…chair throwing?  The crazy thing is that this was just a scrimmage to prepare for the FIBA tournament that started today.  They play for real on Sunday (you can pay to watch over at the FIBA site, but if you have ESPN360 you can watch it for free) and things could get real interesting.

It’s a good thing Najera wasn’t there.  He would have thrown a punch (you know he’d get involved) and broke his wrist and dislocated his shoulder or something.

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