Maxey: AK-47 to Brooklyn “In Place”

Take this what you will, but former NBA Senior Writer at HoopsWorld, Wendell Maxey, has sent out the following Tweets regarding a possible Andrei Kirilenko to Brooklyn deal.

The initial tweet was brought to our attention by a retweet from’s Sam Amick.

Take this with a grain of salt because I, probably like you, have never heard of this Wendell Maxey before. But, it does feel like a Nets-AK deal has been imminent for a while, especially given Kirilenko’s relationship with Prokhorov. (Or maybe we just assume they have a relationship, given they are both Russian.) But what I do know is, Gerald Wallace, Gerald Green and Andrei Kirilenko would make a pretty nice SG-SF rotation.

We will see what plays out.