The Mavericks snatched the Nets’ Guinness World Record for biggest game of Knockout

Carmelo Anthony leading a game of knockout in 2011. (AP)

First they came for Deron Williams. Now it’s their Guinness World Record.

Last season, the Nets held an open practice promising a friendly game of “Knockout” at the end, hoping to set a Guinness World Record for the largest game of Knockout ever. They did, beating the old record of 581 by getting over 600 people to participate.

But the Dallas Mavericks swiped the record from the Nets over the weekend, hosting a game of Knockout with just over 700 people, according to

“It’s nice to see that the record stays in the NBA,” said Guinness representative Alex Angert, “and we look forward to seeing whether or not the Mavs can top their own record, or if another team comes in and tries to make this some sort of competition among basketball teams.”

It took 27 rounds and longer than three hours just to get to the final 10 participants, but from there the speed of the game picked up and, with that, so did the action. Anyone familiar with knockout knows how frenzied things become as the line gets shorter.

The winner scored Mavericks season tickets.

While the Nets were happy to see Williams return home to Dallas, they probably don’t feel the same way about their world record. Now the only one they’ve got is longest rain delay in NBA history.

(h/t Fox Sports)