Mason Plumlee looks awfully comfortable as USA Basketball practices in Nets facility

The USA Men’s National Basketball Team made its practice rounds in the Brooklyn Nets facility in Rutherford Tuesday, with the team posting the above Vine of Mason Plumlee hitting two non-successive jumpers in a facility he’s assuredly comfortable in. (Granted, he’ll only practice there for one more year: the team’s moving to a fancy facility in Brooklyn after the 2014-15 season.)

The team will play two games at Madison Square Garden this week, both exhibitions: vs. the Dominican Republic on Wednesday and Puerto Rico on Friday. The team’s final cuts could come as soon as Thursday. The team has an exhibition in Spain next Tuesday, and they wouldn’t bring any players they weren’t planning on keeping.

Anyway, these shots are boring. BRING ON THE DUNKS!

Plumlee’s competing with Andre Drummond and DeMarcus Cousins for a center spot as Anthony Davis’s backup. There are rumors that Plumlee’s curried favor with USA coach Mike Krzyzewski, who Plumlee played under for four years at Duke. We’ll know soon whether Plumlee’s commitment to dunks and more dunks will win him a spot over the more talented but mercurial Cousins.

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