Video: Markel Brown takes ALS challenge… with no cast

Brooklyn Nets rookie Markel Brown accepted a nomination for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge through Instagram, pouring a bucket of ice water over his head and nominating three of his friends to either take the challenge or donate to ALS research.

You might notice one big thing: Brown’s not wearing a cast:

Brown tore the forth metacarpal in his right hand during a workout in Las Vegas back on August 11th, the team announced. The injury requires immediate immobilization and he was immediately fitted for a cast.

So where did it go? The Nets have a skilled medical staff — two of their staff members are on USA basketball’s crew — but seeing him without a cast was a bit surprising. It’s possible he was fitted for a removable cast, and took it off for the challenge so as not to get it wet. Maybe he’s a medical marvel.

At least he’s not pouring the bucket himself.