There are as many Knicks fans as Nets fans in Brooklyn (that’s the Nets’ strongest county)

nyt basketball map

This extraordinary map from The New York Times shows which teams dominate in which areas based on Facebook likes. The New York Knicks are the majority team in all counties in the tri-state region, except for Brooklyn where it’s a statistical tie: 22 percent Nets, 21 percent Knicks and 9 percent for the Heat.

By that one slender percentage point, the Nets avoided being the only NBA team to not be the majority team in a single county.

In East Rutherford, where the New Jersey Nets played, 25 percent were for the Knicks, 15 percent for the Nets and 14 percent for the Lakers. There were no New Jersey counties in which Nets fans outnumbered Knicks fans. In Uniondale, Long Island, where the Nets started playing, 32 percent are for the Knicks, 12 percent for the Lakers and 10 percent for the Nets. There were no counties in Long Island where Nets fans outnumbered Knicks fans.

You can get the stats for any county in the nation. Many other fascinating patterns: strange pockets of Celtics fans in Alabama? Many Bulls fans in New Mexico?

nyt basketball map