Lupica: Kidd to plead guilty, suspension looming?

A year ago, Jason Kidd wrapped his Escalade around the trunk of a tree at 2 am, after a night where he shouldn’t have been driving.

We all know the story. Kidd was arrested and charged with drunk driving.

His case is at 11:00 today, and a source states that Kidd will plead guilty and take a plea deal, that will leave him 90 days without a driver’s license.

Lupica states that it could also leave Kidd facing a two-game suspension, league standard for a drunk driving arrest.

If so, it looks like the Nets may be without their high-profile, splashy head coach for opening night. A worthy suspension, in my opinion, but definitely a bummer.

The last thing the Nets need is more reasons to dislike them from the casual fan viewpoint.

This also means that Lawrence Frank is your likely head coach for the first two games of the season. Hopefully he’ll do a better job starting a Nets season than last time.