Lupica: Coach Kidd was Schwartz’s idea

In a report written for the New York Daily News, Mike Lupica states that Jason Kidd’s head coaching candidacy was put in his ear by his agent, Jeff Schwartz.

In the report, Lupica writes that Schwartz had the idea before Kidd was even retired.

Jeff Schwartz, Jason Kidd’s rep, just did one of the best pure agenting jobs in recent memory helping Kidd get the Nets’ coaching job less than two weeks after he retired as a player with the Knicks.

Schwartz started working on Kidd even before Kidd made the retirement announcement, promoted him into a meeting with Billy King, the Nets’ general manager, and you know how it all played out — and fast — after that.

It wasn’t Kidd’s idea at the start, it was clearly Schwartz’s. That is how you do it.

You know, I always thought it was weird how King and Kidd said this whole thing happened in two weeks. That always seemed impossible to me, but now it looks like it really wasn’t.

Appreciate the help, Schwartz!