The Lopez twins together in NYC is going to be amazing

Brook & Robin Lopez (AP)
Brook & Robin Lopez (AP)
Brook & Robin Lopez (AP)

With all the uncertainty and weirdness around the Nets right now — Deron Williams might go to Dallas! Joe Johnson could be on the way out! The Nets have no idea if they’re a playoff team even in the East! — there’s one thing that’s certain: the interplay between the two weirdest seven-foot NBA twins from Stanford University[note]With apologies to Jason and Jarron Collins.[/note] in New York City is going to be fantastic.

The two have had a long-standing rivalry. Brook has called Robin an “idiot.” Robin has called Brook a “crappy center.” Brook has also waved Robin’s dislike of mascots in his face, posing for photos with Cavs mascot Moondog, dedicating a victory over his brother to the memory of fallen mascots.

Consider Thursday’s interview on CBS Radio with Brook Lopez joining Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno, when Brook tells them that Robin is better than him at “losing,” and that he recruited Robin to New York as a detriment to the Knicks:

JB: Did you help recruit your brother to the Knicks?

BL: I did help recruit my brother to the Knicks, but as a non-Knicks supporter, I helped recruit him there. I think he’s going to be a detriment to them, absolutely.

JB: You’ve always got the better of him in head-to-head matchups, right?

BL: Absolutely. I’m kind of the Robin Lopez kryptonite, and there’s a lot of Robin Lopez kryptonite in the world.

ER: Will you guys consider living together here in New York City?

BL: I’ve been telling a few people, I think I’m going to go the — I’m going to charge him, first off. Charge him rent, definitely. I’m gonna kinda go the Harry Potter route, like the Dursleys kept Harry Potter under the staircase in the cupboard, something like that.

ER: Is there anything Robin Lopez does better than you?

BL: He loses better than I do, I know that. That came to me right away.

JB: I’m sure you guys growing up had many one-on-one battles in the backyard, or on the playgrounds.

BL: Ours was in the front yard in the driveway. All the time.

JB: Did you ever lose?

BL: I never lost. But I’ll say, I never lost the ones we actually finished, because a lot of the time they just ended in us fighting or someone running in to get Mom and start whining.

JB: Really? Seriously?

BL: Oh, I promise. It ended in fights all the time.

Lopez also had a chance to talk about the current standing of the team, as well as his own free agency. He hints that the Los Angeles Lakers made him an offer, noting that there was a chance for him to go “home” to California, but that it was nothing more than a “passing” thought.

He was also unsure if he had secured a no-trade clause, but it would not have been possible for Lopez to get one. No-trade clauses are only possible after eight seasons in the league, and Lopez has only been in the NBA for seven seasons.

But most importantly: we have the Lopez twins in New York City. This is going to be great. Now let’s watch that video where Brook dunks on Robin again.

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