Lionel Hollins Has Priceless Reaction To Andrea Bargnani Airball


Andrea Bargnani is the latest reclamation project for the Nets. After years of underperformance on big contracts, Bargnani comes to the Nets as the backup center with low expectations on a near-minimum contract: the only impetus is to go out and play basketball, hopefully in a way that’ll help the team win games.

But the way Lionel Hollins reacts after Bargnani airballs a three-pointer in his Nets debut, as caught on YES Network… Well, it’s just a little slice of funny.

That is the look of a man who does not want to watch 82 games of that. Worse for Hollins, the Nets ended up losing to the Bulls, 115-100.

It does need to be noted that in the loss, Bargnani didn’t have a bad night overall! He finished with a bench-high 17 points, shooting 6-for-13 from the field (5-5 FT) in just over 22 minutes, and was one of the few Nets players with a positive plus-minus.

But the Nets didn’t make a three-pointer as a team all night, and none was further away from the basket than Bargnani’s hurl… which Hollins just couldn’t take.