Lionel Hollins committed to a weight-loss program on the Rachael Ray Show

After writing in to the Rachael Ray show, Brooklyn Nets coach Lionel Hollins appeared on the program this Friday and committed to a weight-loss plan to lose 20 pounds in the next six weeks, dropping from 240 to 220 pounds. Hollins’s appearance on the show came after he wrote the program an e-mail professing his adoration. He also said on the program that he watches the show in his post-season down time.

Hollins said he chose the Rachael Ray show because Ray is “much cuter than Dr. Phil, have more hair, seem more fun and you feed your guests,” according to the New York Post. The weight-loss program was devised by Dr. Ian Smith, and he breaks it down in the video.

For every pound Hollins loses, he gets to throw a small basketball toy in a giant glass, which is a pretty good motivator.