Dwight Howard – Let the Speculation Begin!

With the elimination of Dwight Howard’s Orlando Magic last night, the story now turns to where will Dwight land next?

Matt Mitnick, a close friend and personal trainer for Deron Williams began tweeting his thoughts last night in regards to the situation.

Below is the screen grab from those tweets.

Others weighed in on the Dwight speculation today too, among them our friend and Nets beat writer Al Iannazzone. His tweets:

Now, what does this all mean? Well…virtually nothing. As stated in the title, there is nothing actually being reported here, just merely speculation on Dwight Howard’s possible desire to be playing elsewhere, namely a big market.

It’s always easy to speculate about a star player wanting to leave his team after a playoff ouster, especially one that reeks of a lack of a supporting cast being the reason for the ouster, as is the case with Dwight Howard and the Magic.

With their pending move to Brooklyn, the acquisition of a pass happy point guard in Deron Williams and the, an owner willing to spend and a glut of young, tradable assets at their disposal, the Nets figure to be players in any star players willingness to relocate.

We will keep tabs on this as things progress, but its possible we are in for a big off-season.