LeBron James’s Nemesis Mr. Whammy Will Have 2,000 Whammy Backups Tonight

LeBron James’s Nemesis Mr. Whammy Will Have 2,000 Whammy Backups Tonight

Not only is JetBlue the Official Airline of the Brooklyn Nets, but on 01.20.16, we’re the official sponsor of their biggest fan. #GoWhammy

Posted by JetBlue Airways on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

When LeBron James shoots free throws tonight, he’ll have to knock them down against as many as 2,001 Mr. Whammy hexes.

From watching Nets broadcasts, you may already know of Bruce “Mr. Whammy” Reznick, the 79-year-old season ticket holder that professes to have an innate talent for hexing opposing players into missing free throws. He’s got a full routine.

The last time James was in town, he reportedly complained to NBA security about Mr. Whammy, and they forced Mr. Whammy back to his seat, rather than allowing him to do the hex by the stanchion. James is not the only person to complain about Mr. Whammy: the Washington Wizards also requested Mr. Whammy to be removed from close to the basket.

But Wednesday night, Barclays Center (via Jet Blue, who calls itself the official sponsor not just of the Nets, but of Mr. Whammy), will give away 2,000 hexin’ fingers to fans at Barclays Center.


Here’s how it looks in the arena:

Opponents do shoot just 72.4% in Barclays Center at the free throw line this season, the fourth-best “free throw defense” in the NBA. James is fresh off a 34-point loss to the Golden State Warriors, has a history with Whammy, and the Nets have lost eight of their last nine games. This could go very badly, very quickly.

Tipoff is at 7:30 P.M. tonight at Barclays Center.