Lawrence Frank’s fake reports getting into a groove

Last week, Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd fired demoted top assistant Lawrence Frank, citing philosophical differences. According to Kidd, Frank’s now doing “daily reports” on the team, an intentionally vague comment. But one fan took Kidd’s suggestion to heart, opening a Blogspot account releasing fake and hilarious Lawrence Frank reports.

Here’s a snippet from yesterday’s “report”, following the team’s win against the Milwaukee Bucks:

– That Raduljica character is one to keep an eye on. He might look like a Serbian lumberjack, but he’s got some smooth moves. Strong tattoos, too.

– Not sure what happened with the Greek kid, Knight, and Ilyasova last night, but, man, Henson is something else. His arms are just too long. I don’t trust him.

– How did you get Paul Pierce on the plane? Does he have family in Wisconsin?

The reports have gone viral, as the Twitter account that tweets out the articles has picked up thousands of followers in the span of days. It’s a humorous respite from an otherwise dark beginning to the Nets season. As Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports wrote in a tweet: “No clue of the @LFrankDaily author, but the entire NBA — front office, coaches, staff — is reading and roaring over the entries.” (The tweet has since been deleted.)

Click below if you want to read what Lawrence Frank may or may not be writing daily.

Blogspot — Lawrence Frank’s Daily Reports