Lawrence Frank: The Final Hour?

Word on the street is that we will know the status of Lawrence Frank’s job sometime tomorrow morning.  This is when Rod Thorn is giving his end of season state of the Nets’ address, and apparently he will speak about Lawarence Frank.  It is safe to say that things are still up in the air, because Thorn will meet tonight with senior management and owners to talk about Lawrence Frank.  Other basketball topics will be discussed, but you have to imagine that Lawrence Frank is going to be the main focus.

Now should Lawrence Frank be fired?  Meh, I don’t know.  Do I want him fired?  Kinda.  Now this might be a little unfair, but I haven’t really ever been too much of a Lawrence Frank fan (mainly because I thought Byron Scott got a raw deal).

The cases can (and have) been made about keeping him or firing him, but in my gut I think he is gone.

This biggest factor in this opinion is that I would think the Nets’ front office would want to avoid having a lame-duck coach (for those who don’t know, a lame duck coach is one who is in his final year and probably won’t be signed after his contract is up). A “lame-duck” coach presents two problems, one is that a “lame-duck” coach will sacrafice the future to win now because his job is on the line (An example of this is playing Josh Boone over a rookie 4 that we may draft just because Boone would give the Nets a slighty better chance to win now – and that would lead Frank not to get fired).  The second problem with having a “lame-duck” coach is that Lawrence Frank will be on a very short leash.  Lets say the Nets start the season off horribly and we have to fire Frank, then we are stuck with an interm coach, and coaches that we may have been able to hire might not be available mid-season.  I say if we are going to be firing Frank, we do it now so we can get the best coach possible in here.

We will see what happens tomorrow though, make sure you check it here to find out what happens to Lawrence Frank and to get some opinions on it.