Lawrence Frank Decision Coming Soon, Just Not Today

This decision better come soon because I am running out of pictures of Lawrence Frank in silly poses making silly faces to use for these posts.

So after using my top notch sources (NJ Nets Official Twitter Page), we have learned that Rod Thorn will make a decision on Lawrence Frank before the draft lottery.  Don’t believe me?  Well, check out this tweet:

Rod Thorn held court with the media today, and said that we’ll know whether Lawrence Frank will return before the Draft Lottery (May 19).

As I mentioned earlier, Thorn’s biggest concern about rehiring is whether or not the team has begun to tune him out.

The longer Thorn goes without giving any updates on Frank’s job, the more likely he is going to be gone.  The only thing that could save Lawrence Frank now is Nets’ finacial situation.  If the Nets are hurting so bad financially and they don’t want to eat Frank’s contract and pay for a new coach, Frank will probably stay for his final year.

My source is reporting that video of the press conference will be up on later today, so I will try to pull those videos for you when they show up.