Larry King: “Dwight Howard had agreed to be traded to the Nets”

…until he had a last minute change of heart.

We all know the story of Dwight’s incessant pre-trade deadline so I won’t dare get into that again. But, reports have surfaced after the fact that the Magic and the Nets had a deal in place for Dwight Howard and now it appears as though Dwight had signed off on the deal as well.

Shades of Rob Lowe reporting Peyton Manning will retire, Larry King, TV and news reporter famously of Larry King Live on CNN tweeted last night the following:

Now, this report comes somewhat out of left field, being that Larry King does not cover sports. But, the man is and has been a reporter in the field of journalism for over 50 years. So it’s entirely plausible that he has “sources” in all genres, sports included. However, when pressed to reveal his source, King wouldn’t and further tweeted:

It seems that by all accounts, the Nets were just a fingernail away from landing the big fish at the deadline. Looks like we’ll revisit in July.