Kris Kringle Humphries playing Santa for two families


Brooklyn Nets power forward Kris Humphries isn’t letting a trip to the bench nor a mild abdominal strain grinch up his Christmas spirit. According to the New York Post:

(Kris & mom Debra) “adopted” two local families for the holidays through Debra’s church, and are helping by donating gifts and meals. “It’s something his family has done for years,” says a source close to Kris. “He and his mom adopted two families in Brooklyn, and they spent last week shopping for them.” The source adds, “Kris went to a Target in New Jersey to buy video games, and they’ve been to toy stores, clothing stores and electronic stores.” We’re told the self-appointed elves also took multiple trips to the Apple store because one of their “adopted” family members hopes to “soon be college-bound.”

Very sweet gesture by Humphries. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like he dressed up as Santa Claus for this occasion. To stand in, above is a picture of him at Halloween dressed as Kenny Powers, which is kind of like a younger Santa Claus during his edgy days.

Happy Holidays!

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