Kris Humphries trash-talks Knicks fans at MSG

Carmelo Anthony, Kris Humphries
“Why are you so quiet?” (AP)

Carmelo Anthony, Kris Humphries
“Why are you so quiet?” (AP)
The always-straightforward Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries gets under the skin of Knicks fans, and not only does he know it, he’s happy to oblige.

“People were heckling me walking in and out of the tunnel,” Humphries said after last night’s 88-85 victory over the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden. The fans, who were saying “everything under the sun” to Humphries, didn’t have that same ferocity after the final buzzer, and Humphries fired back.

“I asked them on the way out, ‘why are you so quiet now?'”

Humphries is more than used to the vitriol he receives in Madison Square Garden. Just last year, Humphries was the recipient of heckles, boos, jeers, and “YOU SUCK!” chants, trash-talking that he was more than happy to reciprocate.

“I love playing here,” Humphries added. “Everyone’s so passionate. They love their Knicks. To come in and get a win is great.”

Humphries, who finished with 11 points, 13 rebounds, and a +6 plus-minus in 27 minutes, puts the victory on the pedestal. “Above all it’s about winning tonight. We won in the Garden.”

Humphries then took the heat to Twitter, saying that “The Garden got really quiet on the way out!”, prompting this response from Knicks guard J.R. Smith:

Smith finished the game 7-19 and missed a potential game-tying three-pointer as time expired.

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