Kris Humphries-Lamar Odom Jump Ball Reminds Everyone They’re In Los Angeles (VIDEO)

Kris Humphries-Lamar Odom Jump Ball Reminds Everyone They’re In Los Angeles (VIDEO)

At the start of the fourth quarter in the Brooklyn Nets-Los Angeles Clippers game last night, Nets forward Kris Humphries got tied up with Clippers forward Lamar Odom going for a rebound, causing the referees to call for a jump ball.

Now, normally a jump ball between two overpaid backup forwards wouldn’t be cause for any interest, but in this case, Los Angeles’s fans delighted at the idea of Odom, currently married to billionaire socialite (is that a thing? Is that, like, a job title? What do I call her?) Khloe Kardashian, jumping against Humphries, formerly married quite publicly to Khloe’s more famous sister Kim Kardashian.

So, naturally, the Los Angeles crowd reacted accordingly when the two tipped:

I’m not quite sure what to make of this. They’re Clippers fans, but their happiness has absolutely no connection to basketball. What’s the thinking? Is this some sort of retribution? Are they happy that someone connected with the Kardashian clan won something? Does everyone still hate Kris Humphries because he was subject to an incredibly public divorce from a family who’s best known for having lots of money, sullying the names of Armenians everywhere, and … I don’t even know what else?

Then again, Humphries did spend seconds pointing down Odom, maintaining that he was the one he was supposed to jump with… Which is technically correct, but still a bit of machismo on Humphries’s side.

Off the court, Humphries is in the process of trying to get his marriage to Kardashian annulled, calling it a publicity stunt staged by the Kardashians to push their reality show.