Kobe Bryant to Besiktas?

Most of you have likely heard that Kobe Bryant & Besiktas have been talking. Besiktas, already armed with Deron Williams (we think?) as well as Zaza Pachulia, claims that it has been in contact with Bryant recently and that is has talked to him about a deal. However, Besiktas’ funds remain frozen due to the team’s involvement in Europe’s soccer scandal, so the prospects of Bryant joining the team look hazy at best.

Obviously, a team with Bryant and D-Will would one of the most dynamic teams in the world. However, I feel like an NBA exodus to Europe would just cause tension in the lockout war-rooms, rather than pacify the problem. Additionally, it just causes harm to players who can’t easily get deals in Europe, unlike Bryant and Williams.

There is a train of thought which assumes that a mass migration to Europe will cause a panic in the owners. However, the owners have little to lose in this debate economically. Rather than look for alternatives to the NBA, I’d rather that the players unite in order to end this lockout as fast as possible.