Kiki Talking Tim Grgurich’s Development Camp

Tim Grgurich runs a camp where a lot of the younger players in the league go to work on developing into better players.  It is not talked about too much because media and agents are denied access to it, but Kiki has been going for the past couple years, and he was there again.  Ben Couch talked to Kiki about the camp and the three Nets’ players that were there.  The three players were Terrence Williams, Sean Williams, and Chris Douglas-Roberts.  The full interview is here, but there is a quote I wanted to talk about quickly:

We had CDR, who was very good, he showed once again that he really can score the basketball, and worked very hard. He’s really trying to expand his game, work on his ballhandling and outside shooting. You can see the work he’s put in over the summer.

Sean Williams showed great improvement over the last two years he was there – I go every year so I’ve seen him. Sean was one of the most athletic players there, and he showed his responsibility by being on time, by really focusing and by learning a lot. You could see Sean’s development through the week and he demonstrated his extreme athleticism. He was very, very impressive.

Terrence Williams, our No. 1 pick, was there also. He left a little early because he banged his knee (nothing serious), but for the time he was there, they played him at point guard, and he was outstanding. He showed the ability to run a basketball team, he was great on defense, he had a couple of great sequences. One of the best players there was J.R. Smith from Denver, who’s an outstanding offensive player, and (Terrence) played him very, very well, which is difficult for a rookie. I thought Terrence showed a lot of what he could become in the NBA. He handled the ball very well, he passed very well, he took very effective shots and he got to the basket. He’s a player the guys are really going to like to play with.

Terrence Williams already told me about some of the stuff he learned and worked on at the camp, but I wasn’t aware that both CDR and Sean Williams were there too.  It is good to see that CDR is working on expanding his game (we saw glimpses of this during the summer league).

It is even better to hear Kiki praising Sean Williams.  He has a ton of potential, and it is good to see the front office still thinks this.  Hopefully he gets a chance this year.  If he does, he needs to show out, and if that doesn’t happen, he might not be a Net in two years.

Posted by Sebastian Pruiti