Kidd to use Elysium to help with coaching

In today’s worthless news story of the day, Jason Kidd revealed at the premiere of the movie Elysium (yeah, I’ve never heard of it either) that he plans to use the plot of the movie to help with his coaching style.


Here’s some quotes.

Growing up did you have any futuristic movies or books that made you think the future would look something like the world of “Elysium?”

Jason Kidd: I’m a big fan of the “Matrix.” I thought that was a classic, it kind of gave us something of what the future could be. But also some of the plot of this movie! He’s fighting for what he believes in and so it’s something that hopefully when I see them, now that I’m a coach, I can use this as one of my tools.

Speaking of which, how have the new members of the Nets meshed with the team?

Jason Kidd: They’ve been great, we got a great group of guys. And so I’m very excited about the veteran guys and I’m looking forward to it. But you know, when you come to movies like this you pick up different things. So I’m excited to see what this brings.

Yeah, I don’t really know what any of that means either. Bring on the games!