Kevin Garnett has a message for Deron Williams, and all of us

Deron Williams, Kevin Garnett, Reggie Evans

After his team’s Game 2 loss against the Miami Heat, Kevin Garnett knew that the Nets would lean on his leadership in the locker room to help him converse with Deron Williams. Williams had just gone 0-9 from the field in the first scoreless playoff game of his career, and has dealt with confidence issues all season.

So when asked about Williams, Garnett shared just exactly what he told — and thought — of his point guard.

“He showed a lot of character, a lot of grit,” Garnett told reporters Saturday night following Game 3. “i thought he led us and he got guys easy shots. We’re going to need that. It’s huge. I told him after Game 2, you’re not going to play great every night, but you bring so many different dimensions to the game, so lean on that.

What about Williams’s confidence?

“I try to be a confident teammate for him, give him confidence and fuel him, and just let him know that it’s not the end of the world, not to be hard on yourself.”

Okay. What else?

“I told him to enjoy Mother’s Day,” Garnett added. “I told everybody to enjoy Mother’s Day.”

Got it. Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!