Kevin Garnett blows in David West’s ear, draws shove & tech (VIDEO)

Kevin Garnett is notorious around the league for a defensive style that harasses and frequently irritates his opponents, but midway through the first quarter he took a page out of ex-Pacers guard Lance Stephenson’s book by blowing in David West’s ear.

West after the game said he thought Lance Stephenson’s blow was “more sensual”:

The exchange started with a Garnett tug on West’s arm that warranted a foul. After a brief exchange, Garnett sidled next to West and blew in his ear, which immediately sparked a shove from West. West was given a technical foul, and the YES broadcasters relayed they heard West say “he was not going to put up with that” kind of stuff.

The “ear-blow” became popular in last year’s Eastern Conference Finals when Lance Stephenson was caught blowing in LeBron James’ ear, for whatever reason, sparking oodles of internet memes.