Kevin Garnett, always honest: “November was a s—ty month”

Kevin Garnett, Jared Sullinger, Jeff Green
He’s not wrong. (AP)
Kevin Garnett, Jared Sullinger, Jeff Green
He’s not wrong. (AP)

After the Brooklyn Nets picked up a 104-93 victory over the Boston Celtics, marking their first winning streak of the season, Nets forward Kevin Garnett was asked to describe the mood in the team’s locker room compared to in November (when the team started the season 5-12), and the fierce Garnett wouldn’t hold his tongue.

“You have to be optimistic,” Garnett started innocently enough. “It’s a long year. November was a s—ty year for us.”

Immediately Garnett laughed, simultaneously realizing his error — November, as much as it felt like a year, is but thirty days long — and his slip of the tongue. He immediately corrected one, without providing much care for the other.

“S—ty month,” he corrected, before smiling and holding his forehead. “Oh god. Ohh.”

He then paused, as laughter rolled down from the press. “I don’t care if you (print that),” Garnett continued. “They’ll probably fine me for that.”

The league does generally fine players for cursing in post-game interviews, though Garnett has gotten away with it before. The league fined Boston Celtics forward Gerald Wallace $10,000 for using foul language when trying to explain a loss earlier this season.

Garnett, who makes $12 million this season, was unconcerned about the fine, so much so that he didn’t feel the need to stop there. “I don’t give a s—,” Garnett said.

“F—. But November was hard on us, man.”

Yup, it definitely was.