Josh Boone Interviewed By

Josh Boone

Ben Couch of interviewed Josh Boone yesterday, and while I am not the biggest Josh Boone fan, I still found it pretty interesting.  Here are a couple excerpts (the full interview can be found here): Your minutes were inconsistent this year, but picked up toward the end of the season. Where do you think you stand now?

Josh Boone:
At the beginning of the year I was starting and playing a lot of minutes.  Obviously, it’s a little bit of a different situation, but that’s how it goes in this league sometimes.  Things can change very drastically, whether it be from an injury or a guy not performing.  Things can change very quickly.

and So what are you looking to work on this offseason?

Boone: Just mainly offensive stuff: I need to get the jump shot a little bit better, and I need to be able to put the ball on the floor and do some things off the dribble.  There’s a guy in New York that I’m going to be working with for most of the year.

I have two opinions on how Boone answered these two questions.  First, I think Josh Boone handled the first question about his minutes with class.  He didn’t blame the coaches or the front offices, he seemed to blame himself and that is the right attitude to have when a player is in the position that Boone is in.  You also get the sense that he is willing to work hard in the offseason.

That is why I have the second quote brought up.  Working on his offense isn’t what he should be doing.  He isn’t going to be on the court for his scoring, no matter how much it improves this offseason (mainly because we already have three big time scorers in VC, Devin, and Brook).  As Ron Thorn put it, we need “a moose” at the 4 spot.  Josh Boone should be lifting every day and getting stronger.  Boone is in a great position for next year in my opinion, with Yi playing as poorly as he did last year he still has a chance to be a starter next year (even if we pick up a 4 in the draft), but he needs to be able to bang and rebound.  That is all we need from our 4 spot, not offense.  Now don’t get me wrong, if he was a great rebounder already and then he was working on his shot, that would be fine, but right now Boone is a weak rebounder and imroving on that should be his top priority.