Jordan Williams Named in the #FlopOfTheNight

Jordan Williams Named in the #FlopOfTheNight

It’s been an roller-coaster season for Jordan Williams; the ups and downs of the early season have lately been replaced by a slow steady incline.. But things took a sudden twist in last night’s game against the Pacers, when Williams had to leave the game with “concussion-like” symptoms. While the injury is dubbed mild, Williams is likely to miss Friday’s game.

But, there’s more!

HoopIdea, TrueHoop’s initiative to make basketball a better game, has promoted an aggressive campaign to put an end to flopping. As a result, HoopIdea posts their #FlopOfTheNight, and last night’s winner was: Jordan Williams!

As Beckley Mason of so eloquently puts it:

He (Williams) does a great job of getting his feet in position, but instead of actually defending the Pacers’ Tyler Hansbrough, he elects to have a seat under the basket. Hansbrough looks up, realizes that his previously perfectly positioned defender is now lying down, and dunks.

Two important notes:

  1. Jordan Williams does have his feet in good position.
  2. And he’s also guarding a guy nicknamed Psycho T.

Here’s the fine work in flop:

Also, Jordan Williams was not alone in his flopping, as perhaps in a #FlopOfTheNight first, Williams teammate and fellow Net DeShawn Stevenson was spotlighted for an egregious attempt at floppery. Take a look at the full post here to see Stevenson’s flop.

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