Jordan Farmar wins first MVP Award (and video, too!)

How you know we’re in a lockout: Jordan Farmar earned the week 3 Euroleague MVP award today, after his 27-point, 10-12 shooting, 5-assist, 4-rebound performance lead Maccabi Tel-Aviv to an 88-82 victory this week. Farmar’s performance rating index (basically Euroleague’s PER) of 35 led all players, and he proved that if you’re faster than everyone else, attacking the basket is a good idea.

In other overseas New Jersey Nets news, Bojan Bogdanovic’s Fenerbahce Ulker and Deron Williams’s Besiktas Milangaz are facing off tomorrow at 4:30 PM EET, or 9:30 AM EST. That’s according to Fenerbahce’s official website, though it’s hard to gauge the accuracy of a one-sentence news brief when some schedules claim they should’ve played this morning.

As for this side of the basketball world, the players union and owners are meeting again today, and federal mediator George Cohen has returned to the sitcomnegotiations to provide a comedic twisttry to help both sides solve their BRI differences. We’ll see.

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