Johan Petro earns illustrious “Worst Player In The NBA” title

The Nets are finally #1 at something!

Today, Complex Magazine listed their ranking of the 25 worst players in the NBA, and sure enough, atop the list is one New Jersey Nets center Johan Petro.

Here’s what Complex had to say about Simple:

It’s a struggle just to watch Johan Petro play. If you are 7-feet tall, you have no excuse to not be good at basketball. The Nets signed this man to a 3-year, 10 million dollar deal. Yet another addition to this list. #top50worstcontractsondeck

The 7-foot Petro is shooting 40.9% on the season, but averages a career-low 4.8 fouls per 36 minutes. So there’s that.

One other Nets player makes the list — Shelden Williams, at #13 — but I think that’s a bit unfair for the landlord. He’s hardly Dwight Howard, but he’s no Andris Biedrins, who’s nowhere to be found on the list. Or what about teammate DeShawn Stevenson? At least Petro and Shelden crack double digits in PER; Stevenson is shooting 28.1% from the field and has a player efficiency rating of 4.3. Four point three.

Anyway, congrats to the New Jersey Brooklyn Nets for having just two players on this list.