Joe Johnson’s not moving to Brooklyn… yet

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Nets guard Joe Johnson visited an apartment in the DUMBO neighborhood in Brooklyn, and if he’d decided to take it, he would’ve been the first Nets player to actually live in the borough.

But Johnson, who currently lives in New Jersey, says that visit happened a long time ago, and he’s got no plans to move right now.

“I’ve heard something about that,” Johnson said with a slight smile. “I looked at a place a while ago. Obviously I didn’t find nothing, but I’m looking just in case.”

The Nets anticipate a move to a new practice facility in Brooklyn for the 2015-2016 season, which would make it easier for the players to live in the borough. The team currently practices in Rutherford, New Jersey, not far from their old Izod Center home.

Johnson didn’t rule out the possibility of moving in the future. “You never know.”