Joe Johnson responds to “Joe Jesus” nickname

Joe Johnson responds to “Joe Jesus” nickname

After Monday night’s victory over the Atlanta Hawks, Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Garnett called Joe Johnson “Joe Jesus,” because “he might not be there when you call on him, but he’s there when you need him.”

When informed of Garnett’s new moniker, Joe Jesus himself remained cool. “Hey listen, it don’t matter to me, man. Whatever these guys want to call me, it is what it is.”

Someone joked to Johnson that he should call Garnett “Kevin Moses,” rising a laugh out of Johnson. “I don’t get into all the nicknames,” Johnson said with a smile, before adding emphasis to the next two words: “Kevin Garnett’s done a great job.”

NetsDaily was able to grab video of Johnson’s response:

When Garnett entered the locker room, he opened up a lane in a crowd of reporters, parting the read sea before giving his interview. He was not asked about the nickname.