Joe Johnson on facing Nets: “No significance… I’m not trying to prove nothing to those guys”


The Brooklyn Nets will take on the Miami Heat in South Beach tonight, which marks the first time Joe Johnson will face the Nets since agreeing to a contract buyout in late February.

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No one has played more games in a Brooklyn Nets uniform than Johnson, and his grounded, methodical style defined the team throughout his tenure. But when asked if there was any significance to facing the Nets in a new uniform, Johnson said no, according to Ethan Skolnick of the Miami Herald.

“No,” Johnson said. “None at all. Not really. None at all. No significance. I’m not trying to prove nothing to those guys. Man, I’m trying to do what’s best for this team. And that’s us piling up wins. That’s the only thing that matters — for me, anyway. I have no ulterior motives. Trying to impress by no form or fashion.”

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Johnson, who said that the season with the Nets had been difficult for him, has re-invigorated his scoring in Miami. According to’s John Schuhmann, Johnson has the biggest effective field goal percentage bump from before and after the All-Star break.

Though Johnson played three games with the Nets after the break, he’s been on fire since joining the Heat, hitting 52.6 percent of his three-pointers and 53.6 percent of his shots overall.

Johnson added that he’d be excited to see some former teammates and coaches.

Miami Herald — Not much significance for Joe Johnson, facing the Nets