Joe Johnson drops $10K on champagne at London Nightclub

Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson (AP)
Joe Johnson
+1 to whoever photoshops two bottles in his hands. (AP)

Brooklyn Nets guard Joe Johnson told reporters after landing in London that he was running on “fumes,” and that “for whatever reason, he just couldn’t sleep.” Turns out, through some investigative reporting by TMZ, we found out one reason why.

According to the report, Johnson threw down nearly $10,000 on seven bottles of Dom Perignon Rose Luminous champagne, two shots, and “some water,” adding a non-customary-for-London $960 tip on top at Chinawhite, a high-profile club in central London.

Johnson’s not normally the type to make headlines with lavish off-the-court activities, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with it. We certainly don’t admonish Johnson for going out and having fun. He’s a professional basketball player on a trip overseas with the rights and freedoms to do what he’d like. He’s certainly got the funds to enjoy his time on the road. We also hope, for the team’s sake, he leaves London as victorious as his server felt.

TMZ — NBA Star Joe Johnson — Drops $10K in London Nightclub … BRING THE CHAMPAGNE!