Jerry Stackhouse reminisces about his epic NBA fights

Jerry Stackhouse reminisces about his epic NBA fights

As a rule in the past decade, the NBA has generally done everything possible to shift away from its reputation as a fighter’s league, cleaning up its image with a barrage of stricter rules and harsher punishments. It’s done wonders for the league’s image and style of play.

Yet Jerry Stackhouse, former Brooklyn Nets guard and favorite superhuman here at The Brooklyn Game, lives in a world outside of this new reality. He’s a relic from the NBA’s past, a player we can celebrate with equal parts universal fear and respect.

On “Dan Le Batard Is Highly Questionable” with Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones, Stackhouse cheerfully reminisces about these important times in his personal and professional life, when he beat the living snot out of a teammate or opponent. With a giant smile on his (and everyone else’s) face, Stackhouse laughs about his infamous run-in with Kirk Snyder (and Snyder’s odd reaction a year later thanking him), giving Christian Laettner a black eye and frying shrimp with him the next day, and more.

I can’t tell the stories any better than Stackhouse. Watch above.

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