Jason Kidd to buy Jay-Z’s Brooklyn Nets shares

Just when you thought this summer couldn’t get any weirder… New Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd is primed to buy Jay-Z’s minority stake in the Brooklyn Nets, according to the New York Post. NBA rules force Jay-Z to sell his shares due to his involvement with Roc Nation Sports, a sporting agency that represents NBA athletes, as well as athletes from other sports.

As part of the team, Kidd would have no such conflict — though that could change if he ever pursued employment with another franchise or a sports agency.

NetsDaily has reported, conflict to the Post, that Kidd is buying half of Jay-Z’s shares, with the other half going to a minority owner. The shares Kidd are purchasing are reportedly worth about $500,000.

Jay-Z’s influence on the Brooklyn Nets has been enormous — he opened Barclays Center with eight concerts in nine nights, helped design the logo and pick out the color scheme, and is routinely a spectator at games in his courtside seat.

Hope Kidd never has to fire himself.

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