Inquirer: Three-year deal for Jason Kidd as head coach will be announced this week

Joseph A. Gambardello of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Jason Kidd will be the next Brooklyn Nets head coach, and that Kidd is in the process of signing a three-year deal with the team.

Gambardello, the paper’s breaking news editor, writes:

Former NBA star Jason Kidd is in line to become coach of the Brooklyn Nets for the next three years, a source familiar with the negotiations tells The Inquirer.

Final details of the contract are being worked out, but an announcement is expected this week, the source said.

It’s a little strange that this news would break out of Philadelphia, and I’m not convinced that it’s a done deal just yet. But this is the first report from a national news outlet that says definitively that it’s Kidd’s job, and discusses contract parameters. Kidd has been reported as the “strong frontrunner” for the job.


Philadelphia Inquirer — Source: Brooklyn Nets to hire Jason Kidd as coach