It’s Running Diary Time: New Jersey Nets @ Chicago Bulls

Okay, guys. Here we are. One more game and the Nets will either end the season 24-58 or 25-57. Considering that they’re going against a team that has 61 wins going into tonight, there’s a good chance it’ll end as the former. So in celebration of tonight, I’ll be espousing my thoughts on the game in real time, on this blog, for all to see. Here’s the important part:

I want your input.

If you’ve lived through this season like I have, if you’ve been paying obsessive attention to a 24-win team that has no real place in the NBA narrative, if you love your team, I want to hear your thoughts. E-mail me throughout the game. If that doesn’t work, just copy&paste this: [email protected]. Throw your thoughts about the Nets at me, however short, long-winded, or tangential. If they’re not overly aggressive/culturally insensitive/otherwise illegal, I’ll make sure your thoughts are included.

I’ve thought for a while that to be a hardcore Nets fan, you have to have a particularly good sense of humor. At the very least, I’m hoping this will make the final game – a hopeless band of ragtag nobodies & Brook Lopez against the likely MVP & one of the best teams in the NBA (and my NBA Finals pick) – a lot more fun to watch.

Game starts at 8, I’ll set up to around 7:45. Feel free to e-mail me, tweet me, comment, or shoot me a message some other way beforehand, during, and a little after. Let’s make the end of this season the party it deserves to be.

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