It’s All New, & So Are We!

In the spirit of “It’s All New,” we at Nets Are Scorching decided it was the perfect time to spruce things up a bit around here. As you’ll notice, we’ve completely changed the design.

Along with some smaller, subtle tweaks, here are some things you may notice:

Brand new banner. Up top, you’ll see we’ve changed the way our site looks completely from the top down.

Disqus Comment System. We’re pretty big fans of Disqus, which allows you now to reply directly as well as “like” other comments – this way you can have more of a direct conversation with other readers! We at Nets Are Scorching always encourage open and constructive dialogue, and we felt like Disqus was the best way to do that for you guys.

Facebook “Like” Button. Like something we wrote? Share it with your friends on Facebook with the Like button at the top of each article!

Podcast. This isn’t quite here yet, but expect the first Nets Are Scorching Podcast in the “It’s All New” era to be put up later today.

A generally much sleeker look. To make sure we provide the best content & analysis on all things New Jersey Nets, we wanted to make it as simple to read as possible. There will probably be a few small tweaks as time goes on, but we feel that with the new look, our site is much cleaner & easier to read.

Welcome to the new digs!