Is Lawrence Frank Staying?

A quick sidenote.  Looking up “Lawrence Frank Funny” on Google Image Search is probably the funniest thing ever.  I mean just look at the results.

Anyway, a source familiar with the Nets told (There is a serious problem here.  How come this source is going to a Knicks blog rather than going to a Nets blog – me.  Pssst… e-mail if you feel like sending me some inside information) has said that the Nets are planning to stay with Frank for the start of the year:

A source familiar with the Nets has informed TKB that Lawrence Frank will remain as head coach of the team to start the 2009-10 season.

Upon hearing these rumors, Thorn came out with a statement:

“There nothing going on other than I’m just thinking it through, examining all aspects.”

Bruce Ratner also talked to reporters about the topic, saying that he would have no problem paying two salaries next year if the decision to fire Frank is made.

I was very confident yesterday that Frank would be fired, but now, I don’t really know.  I will say this though, Frank comes back, gets fired mid-season and we are stuck with an interim head coach, I am going to be pissed mainly because if we fire Frank right now, we can have our pick of head coaches.