Introducing the Top 44

We love the Nets here. Maybe a little too much. (Okay, definitely too much.) But chances are if you’re reading this, you do too. Out of that love, seven of us here at Nets are Scorching pooled our thoughts together and came out with a list: the top 44 New Jersey Nets of all time.

Why 44, you ask? Blame Derrick Coleman, everything is his fault anyway. Also, the Nets have been in existence (ABA included) for 44 seasons. Also, round numbers suck. Do you need more reasons?

(Okay, one more: 44 is a “happy number.” We’re all about happiness here. Did I mention Barack Obama is our 44th President?)

Starting today and continuing over the next month and a half, we’ll be counting from #44 (I’ll give it away – it’s P.J. Brown) all the way down to #1 (I’ll give it away – it’s not P.J. Brown). There will be some old Nets you may have forgotten, and some new ones still fresh. (The only requirement: you need to have been with the organization for at least one season. So no Deron Williams yet.)

Happy reading.