Iannazzone Weighs in On the Decade

Happy New Year everyone!

I’m hopeful that most of you read Nets Are Scorching’s retrospective of the 2000’s yesterday. In lieu of a full link dump today, I thought I’d link back to the always fantastic Al Iannazzone of The Record and Nets Insider, who runs down all of the key moments of the decade, both good and bad.

Iannazzone mentions a few rarely talked about facts regarding how the foundation for the back-to-back Finals teams were built. For starters, in 2000, if the Nets didn’t get the number 1 draft pick (to get Kenyon Martin), Rod Thorn likely wouldn’t have become team president. Second, before they traded Stephon Marbury to Phoenix for Jason Kidd, Thorn nearly sent Starbury to the Clippers for Keyon Dooling and the No. 2 draft pick.

Also, Iannazzone mentions the Nets getting the #1 pick in 2000 as a top moment, and on second blush, I’m starting to question whether or not I should have included that in my list as well. Good old Al, making me think.

Unless something dramatic happens this afternoon/evening, Sebastian and I will be back tomorrow for our Cleveland/Nets coverage.