Hump Day!


Here at Nets Are Scorching, we value tradition. Tradition bonds families and communities together. Additionally, it gives us all collectively something to look forward to on a regular basis. So with these things in mind, and in celebration of our team’s newest player, NAS will continue The Two Man Game’s tradition of posting a random Kris Humphries photo, fact, quote, whatever every Wednesday – because it’s hump day, and the Nets now have a player who’s nickname is Hump.

Now on with the post…

Back in Hump’s Toronto Raptors day, he did a regular mailbag with The Globe and Mail called “Ask Hump.” Questions covered a number of topics. Here’s one from 12/19/08 and Hump’s response:

I think Hump would be bad ass if he trained in MMA.



Hump: What is that, some ultimate fighting league? Damn, I’d have to work on my flexibility. Those guys, they kick. What’s crazy about that, not that many fights end up in knockout. It’s mostly submissions, so ex-wrestlers are pretty good. I don’t think that’s my thing.