How to make a Stackhouse Burger

Jerry Stackhouse is known for a lot of things. He’s known as the guy who averaged nearly 30 points per game in one of the most high-usage, low-efficiency player seasons ever. He’s beaten up so many players that there’s actually a Dime Magazine article dedicated to his top five beatdowns, and #1 was Shaquille O’Neal.

But what you may not have known is that Stack has his own burger recipe, and he went mano-a-mano with Knicks center Tyson Chandler (no punches thrown, at least on camera) in a Courtside Cook-Off on the Rachael Ray Show.

On the show, Stackhouse showed Chandler and Rachael Ray how to make “The Stackhouse Burger,” thus changing their and all our lives for the better eternally.

Other than the fact that Stackhouse must somehow have regular access to 98% beef, this is exactly how I’d expect a Jerry Stackhouse burger to look. Onion soup mix, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, mustard, and egg, all in the same concoction? So many complex flavors in one strange burger. Even the ingredients say it makes four servings, but the recipe only allots for three. Stackhouse inefficiency at its finest.