How Not to Play Offense, NJ Nets Style

How Not to Play Offense, NJ Nets Style

While the Nets never had the lead last night against the Orlando, they really shot themselves in the foot in 3rd quarter, where they couldn’t take advantage of some lackadaisical play by Orlando to get back into the game. As a result, the Nets scored 14 points in the quarter, including a 7+ minute stretch without a field goal. In typical 09-10 Nets fashion, a lot of it was their own doing.

Forcing Shots

We see this a lot from Devin Harris. In this instance, it was Chris Douglas-Roberts trying to hard to force a shot he didn’t have in the lane. CDR was clearly looking for contact on the play, as you can see from his reaction after the miss, but when you’re as bad as the Nets, you tend not to get these calls, ever.

Bad Decision Making

I always like to see the Nets try and feed Brook Lopez in the post, but Dwight Howard sealed him pretty good here, so why is Devin Harris forcing the pass anyway?

Missing Open Jumpers

I wish there was a site out there that tracked FG% based on open and covered shots, because I bet we will find the Nets miss more open jumpers than other team in this league.

Lack of Awareness

Hayes is coming off a screen here in a play designed for him to get a shot, but look at Kris Humphries down low who has Vince Carter guarding him. Jarvis elects to shoot the jumper anyway, and misses. He looked like he thought about hitting Hump for a second, but decided to stick with the original play call and shoot himself. You are allowed to call an audible in sports, last time I checked, especially when you get a mismatch in your favor.