HIGHLIGHT: Gerald Green Posterizes Mason Plumlee

Gerald Green was a wayward basketball soul, bouncing in and out of rotation spots, leagues, and countries before settling down with the New Jersey Nets for a brief stretch in the 2011-12 season. It was the best stretch of Green’s career, where he proved he was more than a dunker, but a scorer with incredible leaping ability. He put down one unbelievable dunk after another, including the cleanest dunk I’ve ever seen in my lifetime, but also became a well-rounded scorer and shooter.

Green parlayed that hot stretch with the Nets into a three-year deal with the Indiana Pacers, where Green struggled before moving on to the Phoenix Suns. Green has again surged into prominence, having the best all-around season of his career.

But he can still dunk the living crap out of a basketball. Sorry, Mason.

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