Hey, let’s check in on Sergey Karasev’s free throw shooting


Of all the Nets, the 21-year-old Sergey Karasev might be the most likely to stick around until next year. The Nets referenced him in their letter to fans as part of the team’s young core, along with Bojan Bogdanovic, Markel Brown, and Mason Plumlee, and he’s still recovering from an ugly knee injury that ended his season, which could scare teams away from seeing him as a trade asset.

Karasev began walking without crutches about a month after the initial injury, and though he hasn’t been cleared for contact, he’s been working out at the Nets practice facility. Following a weightlifting session and the team’s prospect workouts, Karasev took a little time to shoot free throws. How’d he do?

Hey, that’s pretty good! Considering that he needed surgery on his knee fewer than two months ago, hard to complain about shooting 93 percent.

Karasev also had a message for everyone:

Okay, so there’s not much going on in Nets land right now, other than the team working out college prospects in the hopes of finding a gem late in the draft. So for now, let’s just enjoy that someone’s hitting 93 percent of their free throws at the Nets practice facility.