Here’s when the Nets will play with nicknames on their jerseys

the truth

the truth

The Nets will play the first game ever with nicknames on their jerseys against the Miami Heat, and though the second Heat game was widely considered the kick-off date, it’s becoming more and more clear as information piles up.

As NetsDaily points out, the distributed Nets calendar lists January 10th as the date the Nets will wear nickname jerseys, in their second home game against the Heat. Additionally, the Miami Heat’s printable schedule lists two games against the Nets (March 12th and April 8th), plus a Boston Celtics game, as “name collection uniform games,” possibly the worst nickname ever given to the phrase “Nickname Games.”

As for the nicknames, we have a few clues. Shaun Livingston will wear S-Dot. Brook Lopez wants to wear Brooklyn, saying it’s “Brooklyn on the front, and Brooklyn on the back.” Paul Pierce is The Truth, obviously. Same goes for Kevin Garnett being Big Ticket, and Jason Terry as JET. Deron Williams will probably go with D-Will, though he hasn’t confirmed that. Joe Johnson and Mason Plumlee won’t tip their hand just yet, though don’t be surprised if Johnson ends up Tippy-Toe Joe.

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